Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Reverse Diets

Many sports require you to make weight or diet down before competition - the are lots of ways to do
it and lots of info out there about dieting... but there isn't much information out there about what to do after the competition and if the post competition phase is not managed well, it can lead to rebound weight gain that can be much more difficult to lose the next time you diet.

Bodybuilding is really an extreme yoyo diet. If you haven't done it yourself, you probably know someone who has 'gone on a diet' with severe calorie restriction, to lose weight for an event, only to return to their old habits as soon as 'hit weight' or give up because its too unrealistic to maintain longterm. The woman usually blames herself and after piling weight back on... usually more than they had to begin with, they go on another diet and start the process again, this goes on and on and it always gets more difficult. But bodybuilding isn't really that different, we set a date, go into 'prep' and diet down to the level of conditioning required and then most people immediately binge on the foods we craved, go straight back to 'normal eating' or go on a forced 'bulking' phase and pile on fat in the same way as the yoyo diet woman... but its ok as we are 'off season' But when it comes to the next competition, the weight often won't come off the same as it did the last time, so the diet gets stricter and the process starts again, but with worse consequences the next time and so it continues. The other situation is the women who have dieted for competition, but are now too scared to eat more for fear of gaining weight, rebounding or losing that figure they worked so hard for, so they end up staying on their competition diet indefinitely which is unsustainable and wont help them improve for next season....  With the huge increase in women competing in bodybuilding competitions in the last couple of years, I think we are really only just beginning to see how this cycle of extremes is affecting women.

So what is going on? Basically the body is clever and when it thinks its being starved, it economises and uses less energy to do anything, lots of chemical and hormonal stuff starts going on that basically means your body wants to store food - not burn it off so you plateau and have to go a bit stricter to get the diet moving again. So you gradually diet down to the point you hit your goal. At this point the body in most peoples cases, has such an economy of effort now that the metabolism is rock bottom, and the problem is this, if you increase back up to your pre prep diet too quickly, the body will still want to store all the energy it consumes as it is so economical it doesn't need all those calories.

This is where reverse diets come in- for two reasons, firstly to prevent post competition rebound weight gain and also for your health.

Rebounding- reversing your diet gradually back up to a maintenance level can help get your metabolism working better, you are less likely to store the extra calories in a rebound fat gain. As the metabolism is restored, you should be able to cope with more calories while maintaining weight. If your goal is to gain muscle, you would continue to increase until consuming a little more than expending, but not so much extra that your body just stores more fat... just making the next diet harder.

Health- Its not wise for women especially to stay at low bodyfat levels all year round, or to stay calorie restricted for prolonged periods of time. Why? Well when the body fat is low, your hormone levels can be affected, which in turn can lead to problems with bone density, menstrual cycle- and restricted calories can lead to malnutrition which in turn can lead to deficiencies in vital vitamins and minerals, more hormone imbalances, metabolic problems, and the female athlete triad (eating disorders, bone density issues and loss of periods) So its really important not to stay restricted or at low body fat levels for too long. Most women lose their periods at about 12-14% body fat, at this point your body is basically protecting itself as the body is clever and knows that you don't have enough body fat for reproduction and health, so its starting to shut down the bodies ability to reproduce. Then theres the psychological effect of all this..... depression, further disordered eating, body image issues etc etc...

So what can be done to help prevent all these potential issues? What is a reverse diet in reality?
In simple terms,
1. you go back to pre peak week diet (if you changed things peak week)
2. then gradually increase calories over a number of weeks, assessing weekly how much fat  you are gaining. If your weight drops, stays stable, or is increasing slowly, you increase calories - if gain too much - you hold steady for another week, if still gaining, maybe pull back a few calories until weight / fat stabilises.
3. How far do you reverse to? Well this depends on your goals, if want to gain muscle you would want to be in a slight calorie excess, if just want to maintain a healthy offseason figure, then you increase until you hit a healthy long-term body fat % and maintain there.

Reversing can take a lot of will power, you may have been dieting for so long that you don't want to carry on any longer, but after a few days of eating junk food, you may find it a relief to have some structure back in your diet- I find it easier on the reverse than during prep, why? I think its psychological, because I know I can have the odd treat - just knowing that means I don't want it so much... where as on prep, you just want that biscuit because you cant have it :D

So if your competition season has just finished, seriously consider a reverse diet before Christmas season kicks in and it becomes tougher! If you are struggling with post competition diet, seek help from a coach, many women employ a coach during 'prep' but then go it alone after and without some guidance and with no imminent goals, its easy to drift off and lose track of your goals. The off season is where you can make the biggest changes for next years comps, so make the most of it! For info on my online coaching check out my profile Here

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Product Review: Vegan Recovery

I like may people lead a pretty stressful lifestyle, its hectic lots of traveling, no set routine and stress can wreak havoc on our body and well being, so ive been looking for ways to manage this. It might be possible to reduce sources of stress, but often they cant be avoided and exercise is a physical stress, all be it a positive one. Meditation, yoga, Thai Chi are all recommended for combatting stress as is simply taking some time out of your day to relax, take a bath or read a good book.- but theres not always time for this so what else can we do? I recently came across this supplement designed to help lower stress and aid recovery from exercise: Recup-Relax Herbal Anti-Stress- Formula 
So what do Veggie Style say about Stress?

'Stress is like poison for our body – whenever stress hormones are released they lower our energy, make us feel bad, and they are a cause of losing muscle tissue and gaining weight in body-fat. High hormone-levels can also reduce the levels of testosterone in our body.

Therefore it is very important for our wellbeing and for our goals in the sport to avoid stress as much as possible, but unfortunately it is not always possible. For situations of stress we developed this special anti-stress hormone formula in where we selected herbs which are count as adaptogens. Adaptogens are substances which lower stress symptoms as they lover the stress-hormone levels. Less stress hormones are a great improvement of our wellbeing and helps us to reach our goals regarding muscle-gain, strength and weigh loss. And it helps also against chronic fatigue and is great for anti-aging.
Intense weigh training and intense sport events in general are a big stress for our body and for this reason it is a big help to take a few capsules of Recup&Relax even 20 minutes before you finish your training, like you lower the tress hormone levels and you can take the maximum benefits and gains from your training.'
So what is it?
Veggie Style Herbal anti-stress Formula contains following herbs:

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
This plant is since many years used in the Chinese medicine as it contains high levels on adaptogenic saponins and many antioxidants making it an effective natural helper to beat the stress symptoms lover stress hormones and strengthen our immune system.

Ashwagandha also known as Indian ginseng comes from the original in India cultivated plant called Withania somnifera. This plant is considered since always in the Indian medicine Ayurveda as adaptogene. Aswagandha helps us to have more energy, makes our body more resistant against colds and infections, and increase sexual capacity and fertility. 

 Goji Berry
Besides many other health benefits, Goji Berries also contain substances which improves the body’s ability to deal with stress, trauma, fatigue and anxiety.

Our decision to include into our Anti-Stress Formula Astralagus is because it strengthens the immune system and it helps in healing of wounds and injuries one main cause of high stress hormone levels in the body – the faster the injuries are healed the less stress our body buffers.

 Acerola Cherry
Vitamin C helps to lover stress-hormone levels – therefore it is an important help whenever we want to lover release of stress hormones, and Acerola Cherries contain 20 times more vitamin C then Oranges 
My experience So far.
I've been using this formula for a few weeks now. When I moved to Spain my life had been pretty stressful for some time and the upheaval of moving added to that... throw in lack of sleep due to the hot climate i'm not used to and I became very tired and was struggling to keep on top of training, work and other commitments. I usually train late evening and find it hard to wind down after but i've definitely noticed i'm sleeping better since using recoup. I usually take it between finishing my session and going to bed and i've had a lot les restless sleepless nights since. This in turn helps me recover better and have more energy fro my next session so I'm really happy so far! I like my supplements to be as natural as possible, especially when im getting close to competition, these are vegan and have no artificial anything added.
If you would like to order some, check them out here and use my discount code JULES for 10% off at checkout! 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Product Review: Vegan Fatburner suitable for Natural Bodybuilders

Ive been using this fat burner for a couple of weeks now and I have definitely noticed a difference. I haven't used one for such a long time as most have ingredients that are banned in some natural bodybuilding competitions ie citrus aurantium (bitter orange). But a friend introduced me to Veggie Style and their pre-work out fat burner is not only suitable for natural bodybuilders, its all natural and vegan too, so I gave it a try!

I have continued to train as normal and have been fairly relaxed with my diet, I do flexible dieting anyway. But my abs are starting to sow more and my legs are showing some separation and I'm 8 weeks away from comp, they don't usually start to show on he until fairly late, so I'm really pleased with my progress so far!

The supplement is called Naturburn

You can find more info and order it here
Get 10% off using my discount code JULES

So what's in them and why are they effective? Here's some info from their website:

Natur-Burn is a natural herbal fat-burning formula based on 4 herbs, which have the ability to maximize metabolism. An accelerated metabolism leads to an increased consumption of calories which helps to reduce body fat. An increased metabolic rate has the advantage that our body burns more calories even during the time we are resting and inactive. If we pay at the same time attention to what and how much we eat, we ensure that our body burns the calories stored in fat cells and so the desired weight loss is achieved in a healthy way, without that we lose muscle mass and exclusively with natural herbs. Natur-Burn helps to maximize our metabolic rate, but we have to take care how many and what kind of calories we eat - after all, our effective formula will not have a chance to fight against 3 large portions of fries.

 Their Fat-Burning Formula contains the following herbs: 

Green Tea Extract
Green Tea - comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Some of the health benefits is based on the high content of polyphenols also known as EGCG. Scientific studies could prove that this natural substance increases the metabolic rate which leads to an increased calorie consumption  of the body - even at rest. This is a great help when the goal is to reduce body fat. 

Scientists find out, that the roots of the plant Astralagus has also a positive effect on our metabolism and at the same time it also improves our digestion. Astragalus strengthens the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory effect. All these health benefits together leads into the advantage that our body works more efficiently and the body fat burning is maximized. 

This seaweed has a high iodine content of an essential nutrient for optimal thyroid function. The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of energy and optimizes your metabolism. The better and increased our metabolic rate, the more calories our body burns. Especially people with a slow metabolism feel a significant improvement after taking kelp.

Rhosiola Rosea
Rhodiola Rosea has several positive effects on our body - it increases our physical energy, improves our mood and our mental performance and concentration. And finally, it contains the following natural substances: Rosavin, rosarin, rosin and salidroside; They all belong to the adaptogens; which have the ability to fight stress hormones and therefore to reduce stress.

More energy and an improved muscle performance leads in combination of an increased metabolic rate, that our body consumes more calories not only during the workout but also while we rest and relax.
So there it is, simple herbal vegan, natural!
Im hoping to come into this years competitions a bit leaner than I have done before so I will share my pics when ive competed in 8 weeks!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Supplement Ambassador Competition!

I have been using GoNutrition Supplements for over a year now, I recommend them to my clients and gym members, so when an opportunity came up to apply for a sponsorship I was excited to apply! Out of 150 people I have been chosen as one of 5 finalists, one of whom will win a full sponsorship which would mean the world to me!The final athlete will be chosen by public vote which is live now! CLICK HERE TO VOTE JULIA
There is 1 week left to vote so I need your help now!
Please can you spare a sec to click on this link and scroll down, click the button by my name to register your vote. m in the lead as I write this, but its really close, so every vote is vital!
If you have a sec to support me I would really appreciate it!
It would Be great to get the Vegan / Vegetarian Message out there from such a platform !
 Many Thanks!!
Below is the bio that is listed on the website so if you like my bio, please show your support!

'I’m a former Team GB Bobsleigh Athlete, Masters 200m World Champion and current Natural World & Natural Olympia Figure Champion, earning Pro status in 2014. I am currently preparing to compete in Figure and Bikini competitions in the USA, Spain and UK in October and then I will be focussing on more competitions in 2015 along with the Masters Athletics World Championships in Australia'.

I have a degree in Sports Science & Physiology and have been Personal Training for nearly 20 years. During that time I’ve also worked in Gyms, Sports & supplement retail, Promotions and owned my own Gym. After 5 years competing in the Figure class of natural bodybuilding, I now also coach other women to compete and I love helping them achieve their personal goals. Highlights in my fitness career have been a feature in Muscle & Fitness mag and a cover on Ultra Fit Magazine. Competing in Bobsleigh then Athletics & Bodybuilding have all given me amazing experiences and opportunities to travel and meet new people and I hope to continue this for the foreseeable future!
Julia Hubbard 2
I would love to be an ambassador for GoNutrition and I feel I would make a good ambassador as I have such a varied background in the world of health and fitness. I would really like to inspire other people to chase their sporting dreams despite whatever barriers they face. I have overcome the adversities of being diagnosed with a heart condition and recovering from a broken back (bobsleigh accident), so I can also empathise with how tough many people find it trying to get fit. I’m almost 40 and believe in lifelong health and fitness, its never too late to get started on improving your health & fitness! I’m also a Vegetarian athlete, so I love to inspire others who wish to follow this lifestyle to reach their goals on a Vegetarian diet too. I already use many GN products and recommend them because I love them.”
As well as the above mentioned achievements, Julia has also bagged herself the following titles:
INBA World Champs Dubai
4th Figure
4th Sports Model
4th Bikini
2nd PNBA Miss Olympia Silver Figure USA
1st INBA Olympia 3 x Gold Medalist USA
1st World Champion WNBA Fitbody SPAIN
1st NAC UK Championships
1st NAC Beach Body Physique & Bikini
1st NPA West Britain Trained Figure
4th Sport Model INBA World Champs SLOVAKIA
1st British Championships Trained Figure NPA
1st South West Britain Trained Figure NPA 2013
1st Miss Galaxy Universe Supreme Champion Fall Classic
1st Miss Galaxy Universe Supreme Champion June Show
1st West Britain Trained Figure NABBA
1st Miss Hercules Toned Figure WABBA
4th FitFactor Bodypower
1st BNBF British Trained Figure Champion
1st Place NPA South
1st Place BNBF Wales
1st Bournemouth Bodybuilding Show
1st Place Miss Galaxy Fitness Champion
2nd Place Miss Galaxy Fitness Model
2nd Place Miss Galaxy Overall Champion
1st Place WABBA Miss Aphrodite
BodyPower Bodyfitness 2nd Place 2010
Ms Hercules Bodyfitness 2nd Place 2010
World Masters Championships Brazil 2013
Bronze in 100m Bronze 200m
European Masters Indoors 2013 Spain
World Champion 4x200m Silver 400m, Bronze 200m
World Masters indoors 2012 Finland
World Champion 4x200m Silver 200 & 400m, Bronze 60m World Champion 4x200m European Masters Indoors 2013
Silver 400m, Bronze 200m
World Championships 2011 USA
World Champion 200m 100m Silver World Championships Bronze 100m & 200m Masters Athletics, Brazil 2013
World Champion 4x200m European Masters Indoors 2013
Silver 400m, Bronze 200m
World Champion 4x200m World Masters indoors 2012
Silver 200, 400m, Bronze 60m World Masters Indoors 2012
World Champion 200m w35 2011
Silver medalist 100m w35 2011World Championships Bronze 100m & 200m Masters Athletics, Brazil 2013
World Champion 4x200m European Masters Indoors 2013
Silver 400m, Bronze 200m
World Champion 4x200m World Masters indoors 2012
Silver 200, 400m, Bronze 60m World Masters Indoors 2012
World Champion 200m w35 2011
Silver medalist 100m w35 2011 World Championships Bronze 100m & 200m Masters Athletics, Brazil 2013
World Champion 4x200m European Masters Indoors 2013
Silver 400m, Bronze 200m
World Champion 4x200m World Masters indoors 2012
Silver 200, 400m, Bronze 60m World Masters Indoors 2012
World Champion 200m w35 2011
Silver medalist 100m w35 2011

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Natural Supplements: Vegan No Dairy, Natural, Superfoods.

I've been teetering on the edge of going vegan for ages, I'm not even sure why but it took until my food intolerance tests came up that I'm intolerant to eggs and dairy for me to actually do it!
So I've been eating Vegan for about a month and its not been easy, the one thing i've missed is having a protein shake and supplements that are vegan... and taste good. I find it hard to eat enough food to get all the nutrients to support the amount of training i do and I'm not the best cook and i have a sweet tooth so a protein shake is like a treat! I eat clean most of the time so i like my supplements as clean as possible, free from artificial sweeteners etc, Why have a clean diet and then use supplements with loads of chemicals and artificial ingredients? It doesn't make sense to me. I've been using an unflavoured soya protein but only for the convenience and I've not really enjoyed it.
So i was really excited to discover a company called Veggie Style, based in Spain, where i live but distributing to several countries in Europe including the UK. This company is 100% vegan, the owner is a body-builder and really knows his stuff, so he has designed supplements perfect for athletes and active people and the products are just perfect for my needs! Finally a greens drink and a vegan protein shake that taste great with no artificial ingredients. 
Check out their English website here and 
Spanish website here
German Website here
Use my discount code JULES for 10% off! 
Im currently using 4 of their products so i will be doing product reviews on them once ive trialled them for a while!

Ingredients- all natural, suitable for drug tested athletes, packed full of superfoods to assist performance, & aid recovery. Suitable for Vegans and Raw Vegans or anyone looking for dairy free, soya free natural supplements! An ethical and passionate company!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Accidental Vegan Eating!

Ive thought about going Vegan for so long but the thought of changing my diet so much always seemed too much for me, however, it seems my health is my biggest motivator! I recently had food intolerance tests done as ive been suffering for about a year but in the last few months much more severely from IBS, stomach cramp, bloating and constant switching between constipation and diarrhoea, its been a nightmare! I got my results back and casein (the biggest milk protein) and egg white came up as two of my most likely intolerances, so ive eliminated them from my diet for a month and the idea is that you wait until your body is clear and then reintroduce the foods one at a time to see if you do get a reaction from them. Almost a week went by before it actually dawned on me that I had actually been eating Vegan!! Well that was a happy accident! Now im not sure I want to try reintroducing these particular foods, its funny what it takes for you to make such a big step! The only thing I still might have is a whey shake, only until I can find a non dairy protein powder that I can bear the taste of, I can get soya locally but I eat and drink so much soya already id like another variety of protein to make sure im getting all the aminos I need. Ive gone without a protein shake but I do love something sweet and its so convenient if out all day. I need to start investigating my vegan protein powders! Got a recommendation? Please comment below!

If you would like to read more about the tests I had please click here
To read more about my experience click here

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Healthy Cupcakes

These cupcakes are a great sweet treat if you are following a healthy diet but have a sweet tooth! Low calorie with low impact carb and 4g protein per cake, these little treats are a lifesaver in my diet!


  • 10g                 GoNutrition Chia Seed Powder
  • 2.5 cups         Oats
  • 60g                Go Nutrition Soya Protein Isolate
  • 30g                Go Nutrition Diet Whey Vanilla Ice Cream (any other protein)
  • 2 packet         Stevia
  • 20g                 Dark Chocolate With Stevia (chocolate chips)
  • 2cups             Water  
  • 2 tbsp             Vanilla Essence
  • 2 tbsp             Agave Syrup / honey
  • 15g                 Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1 cup              Stewed Apples or ripe banana
  • pinch              Himalayan Rock Salt

Total Carbohydrate 10 g
Dietary Fiber 1 g
Sugars 2 g
Protein 4 g
Total Fat 2 g


Preheat your oven to 380f or 190c The easiest way to make these is to use individual cupcake liners as if you use a tin, they may stick-even if you oil the tins well.

Mix all the dry ingredients together and mix the wet ingredients separately. Gradually mix together the wet and dry ingredients. If the mixture is too dry, add a little more water until you get a smooth mixture. If its too wet, add a little extra protein or oats to thicken.

Divide the mixture into 24 cupcakes and cook for aprox 20 minutes. Keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.

They taste great straight from the oven but also can be stored or frozen for future use. I like to reheat mine and eat warm.

The basic recipe can be tailored to your taste by adding coconut, you could replace the chocolate chips with dried fruit, but if you make substitutions, the macros will change.  I used a mixture of soya and whey protein but you could use any protein or different flavours.

I got my Protein, chia seeds and coconut oil from GoNutrition, follow this link to get a free bag of protein on your first order and this promo can be used with any other discount code! 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Home made Protein Bars Berryliscious. Nut Free, Low Carb

I like to make my own protein bars and really enjoy experimenting to find new recipes and these are may favourite yet! They are suitable for Vegans as well as Vegetarians, Nut free, raw and very low carb! Most natural bars have nut butters in and I have a hubby with a nut allergy so these are great for anyone wanting to avoid nuts. This is the basic recipe with macro breakdown, but you can easily adapt them to include your favourite ingredients.

75 g unflavoured Soya Protein (could use any type of protein (unflavoured/ vanilla))
70 g, Desiccated Coconut

10 g, Chia Seed Powder
60ml, Soya Unsweetened Milk (could use any non dairy milk)
1 tsp (5 ml), Natural Vanilla Essence
100 g, Blackcurrants (Raw) (or any berry)
80g, Dark Chocolate With Stevia  (dairy free for Vegan)
I used GoNutrition, click here to get a free bag of protein when you order yours (discount code GNAS3R90 for 10% of first order
Blend the berries, coconut & vanilla essence together and mix in the protein and chia seeds 
Add the milk little by little to make a thick mixture. If its too runny it wont set. If its too wet, add extra protein until the right texture.
Line a tin with baking paper and press the mixture into the tin. Or divide and form into bars on a tray.
Place in fridge until sets. You could freeze to speed this up.
Cut into bars
Melt the chocolate (in a glass bowl over a pan or in a microwave)
Coat the bars in the chocolate and return to the fridge to set. (I coated one side, let them set then coated other side.)
Its best to keep them chilled.
You could use dried fruit for bars that will keep longer, you will need more liquid if use dry fruit.
Serves 8        150 calories per bar
Macro Breakdown
Total Fat
Total Carbohydrate  
Dietary Fiber 2 g
Sugars 1g

These bars are tasty & sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth! I have kept the recipe as clean as possible, but ingredients could be substituted, but it will affect macros. I prefer Stevia chocolate and unflavoured / unsweetened milk and protein to avoid any artificial sweeteners. The chocolate I went for was an 85% bar, dairy free but you could use any chocolate. I love these as its so hard to find recipes for nut free bars with low carbs!  And even store bought natural bars usually have nuts in. As these are so low carb, they are ideal for any phase of your diet. If you try them, please post a comment - really hope you like them too!


Friday, 22 May 2015

Comp Prep diet Vegetarian style: where do i get my protein?

The biggest question I get asked is how do you get enough protein as a vegetarian athlete? Well its not that difficult but it does take a bit of planning, As not all veggie protein is complete, you have to make sure you get lots of veggie protein to ensure you consume the full spectrum of amino acids, however it does mean a veggie diet can be a lot more varied than a meaty one!

So at the moment I'm in my final phase of diet, I'm still eating a lot, around 1750-1800 calories and carbs are fluctuating on a carb cycle so my macros change but I aim to get at least 145-200g protein per day (1-1.36g per pound of bodyweight)
So what does my day look like?

Breakfast: egg frittata (mix of eggs and egg whites, spinach and any other veggies I fancy!) sometimes with baked beans. Sometimes protein pancakes (home made with soya protein, oats, chia seeds) with almond butter and honey or agave syrup. (both cooked in coconut oil)
Post Training: Natural Recovery shake including Hemp Protein, greens, berries, kale, spinach etc.
Lunch: Tofu / Quorn & mixed salad sometimes with Spanish tortilla (potato and egg). (Salad dressing olive oil and balsamic) Home made high protein soups (split pea / lentil)
Mid afternoon: Protein shake click here to find out more about my comp prep protein  recommendation. Home made protein bars, or natural protein bars / flapjack. Latest sweet treat protein recipe is protein cake its nut free and also suitable for Vegans!
Tea: Evening meal with either Quorn, Soya, Tofu, or chickpeas / lentils with veg and Quinoa / Buckwheat
Evening snack: home made protein cake / bar, protein mousse, or a tofu frappe / shake or protein hot chocolate (I use silken tofu to make the shake and non dairy milk so i'm not relying on protein powders too much) For recipes for home made protein snacks click here

Like I said before, my macros change every day so this is just some meal examples not an actual day and I include as much variety as I can but if I aim for 20-30g protein per meal I can easily hit my target.

For help on how to plan your protein intake and food list with protein per portion, please click here

I really love my veggie comp diet, its very different from a typical bodybuilding diet which can be repetitive and fairly restricted. A Veggie bodybuilding diet is so varied and healthy- None-veggie athletes could benefit from including some veggie meals into their prep to have a break from chicken and rice lol :D So if you are thinking about going veggie or vegan, or recently changed your diet, don't be worried about your protein, just plan well and you will be fine!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

GoNutrition Natural Whey Protein: Product Review

Im a big believer in clean eating for health as well as performance. You are what you eat, I believe is certainly true. I also believe supplementation is important for athletes - food jus isn't produced the way it used to be, food doesn't contain the density of nutrition it used to and when you are pushing your body to the limit as an athlete, supplements are a great way to make sure you aren't missing out on anything you need for performance, health, repair and growth. But when you put clean eating and supplements together, they don't always sit well, often full of chemicals, additives, artificial ingredients. So im always looking for more natural ways to supplement.
Last year I came across GoNutrition's Natural Whey and I've been recommending it to my clients ever since. Why?
Well sweeteners can be really detrimental to your quest to be healthy and lose weight. From what I understand, the brain cant really tell the difference and reacts like its had sugar and the body sees it as a poison as its artificial and doesn't really know how to process it. Once you start checking labels you find artificial sweeteners in so many things, they really can add up! So I avoid sweeteners wherever possible, so finding a protein with only the natural plant sweetener, Stevia in it was fabulous! I had been relying on unflavoured until then, but well, that can get a bit dull! What is Stevia? Stevia is a South American plant that can be used as an all natural, zero calorie sweetener. It's ideal for those who want to avoid artificial sweeteners.
Natural whey is currently available in Dark Chocolate flavour. Its flavoured only with natural flavours, Cocoa
Low Carb
Natural Whey has 18g of protein per serving and is very low in carbs, so it makes the perfect protein supplement for those on low carb diets.
Comp Prep
The reason I love this protein is because I can keep my flavoured protein in my diet right up to my comp as it has no sweeteners. Its low carb so if I carb deplete its just really convenient! I just love that this protein fits so much better than other proteins with my clean eating philosophy.
Anecdotal Findings
I have used this protein myself and with clients prepping for shows and one thing ive noticed I the quality of skin (reduction in cellulite) and reduction in watery fat below the glutes that is often hard to shift! I personally believe this is due to cutting all sweeteners out of the diet, so switching to an artificial sweetener free protein can help you do this.

***Protein offers*** Use this link for free protein on first order.
you can add a discount code for more benefits! For 10% off first order too add GNAS3R90 at checkout! — at GoNutrition.

check out my twitter or facebook page!

Monday, 6 April 2015


These high protein bars have a soft cake like consistency, they are a real treat, especially when still warm! Its a clean eating recipe, which can be made Vegan / Vegetarian and its nut free too! Perfect for me as my hubby has a nut allergy and most recipes out there use nut butter so I prefer not to use nuts or nut butters if possible in recipes.

3 scoop   Protein powder (any) chocolate flavour
20g         Natural hemp protein
2 tbsp.    Soya flour
1.5 cups Oats
3 tbsp.    Cocoa

1/2 tsp    Himalayan pink salt

1/3 cup   Chopped dates
3/4 cup   Apple sauce / stewed apple
1/3 cup   Coconut oil
3 tbsp.    Honey / agave syrup/ other syrup
2 tbsp.    Vanilla extract

2 tbsp. Chia seeds (could use an egg / egg whites instead)

preheat oven to 200 degrees
add the chia seeds to 6 table spoons of water and leave for a few mins (this is an egg substitute)
mix all the dry ingredients together
blend the dates and wet ingredients together
add the wet and dry mixture, use a little water if the mix is too dry
press into a baking tray (I lined mine with baking paper to prevent it sticking)
bake for 15-20 mins
cut into 10 bars

Macro Breakdown

18 (11 of which sugar)

Macros based on whey protein (chocolate stevia sweetened variety) Substitutions will affect macro breakdown)

To keep this recipe as clean as possible i recommend using an unsweetened or stevia sweetened protein, i used a whey protein, but to make the recipe vegan, any Vegan protein (eg soya, pea, hemp, or a vegan blended protein)

Apple sauce / stewed apple - i used an tinned variety but to make the recipe cleaner, you could stew your own!

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


What is health and fitness? Its a term that's used all the time, but we probably don't take the time to think about what it really is. Id guess that most people who compete in sports, bodybuilding or work in 'fitness industry' probably think they are healthy... but that depends on what your definition of healthy is. Recently ive found out about a few people who would probably have considered themselves fit and healthy, but when faced with potentially life threatening or life altering illness, have been forced to look at whether they can make their lives more healthy and have made quite radical changes to their lifestyles. But why so we wait until we are forced to stop before we look at all aspects of our lives... I guess we are all just busy living our lives and sometimes it takes a massive shock to make us re-evaluate things. So I am challenging you now, dont wait until you are forced to, just pause for a few minutes and look at all aspects of your life and see if there's more you can do to make your lifestyle more healthy. The earlier you give your body a break and look after it, the more likely it is to cope if you do face a life altering illness you may even prevent illness in the process.

If you do want to make changes, tackle one thing at a time, in manageable chunks, putting too much pressure on yourself can just lead to failure if it all seems to much, but every little step you take to improve your health and fitness really will add up!

The obvious. Diet. 'you are what you eat' this phrase has been around for ever! but it really is literally true. Your bodys cells are constantly renewing and can only function and repair itself on what you feed it. Feed it crap and you cant expect it to run at full capacity. If you went to a wildlife reserve and saw the keepers feeding the animals coke, pizza and cake, you would think it was abuse, they aren't supposed to eat that, its unethical... so why is it ok for us? were we meant to eat that stuff? Now im not saying you cant enjoy any of these, but my point is that you need to get the right nutrition in first, as the main part of your diet and enjoy these in moderation if you want them, but a diet based on non nutritious processed food isn't going to give your body the nutrients it really needs to stay healthy. Now what is the best diet, well, that can be debated for hours... and may well be different for different people, depending on your sensitivity to certain foods, allergies, intolerances, susceptibility or risk factors for disease (genetically/ hereditary illness in family), current illness / health situation. But it does seem that many faced with life threatening disease do opt for plant based diets, alkaline diets, removing processed foods, and lowering meat, dairy and sugar intake. Personally this is what I consider a healthy diet, but why wait until you are ill before improving your diet, ive been vegetarian for 25 years and following alkaline 70:30 for the last couple of years and am lowering my dairy at the moment and adding hormone balancing foods. Its a journey and im doing it a my own pace, one that I can manage, but each little thing I do, I know is going to add up to a healthier me. But at the very least, most of us don't even eat the minimum 5 a day fruit and veg, so regardless of what you consider a healthy diet to contain, most people would agree that getting some good nutrients from more veg and fruit would be a good place to start!

We all know that exercise is important, for heart health, bone, joint, muscle health, posture, lungs... pretty much every part of the body benefits from moving around. What's the best type of exercise? well we could debate that for hours depending on the person, but walking, swimming, riding a bike, participating in sports, dancing, going to the gym, taking up a martial art or an exercise class, there's something out there for everyone. But it isn't just what the body needs that benefits here. Serotonin, the feel good hormone is released during exercise and, well, most people will tell you they just feel better after they exercise, whether that's a result of hormones, getting out in the fresh air, or just taking time out from your day to do something positive for yourself, the feeling of accomplishment, whatever it is, it makes you feel good so exercise is helping your mental as well as physical health. Finding something you enjoy is really important as its more likely to become part of your lifestyle.

Emotional Health
Emotional & Mental health, well I just touched on that. Im not just talking about severe mental illness, depression etc, I m taking about general feeling of wellbeing and happiness, whether you get stressed or feel down. Emotional well being is probably the least looked after aspect of our health. So what can we do to help stay emotionally well? Exercise is probably the most under utilised anti depressant there is. Like I said, whatever causes it, exercise has a positive affect on mood and emotion. A morning walk, can clear the mind, give you space to think, plan and take a little time for yourself before the day runs away from you. You feel good because you already accomplished something positive before the day got going and that positivity can last throughout the day. Stress, life has become so fast pace since the internet took off, everything has to be done faster, our crazy busy multitasking lives where everything has to be done yesterday and demand for your time and attention are higher than ever before, juggling a thousand tasks, feeling overwhelmed can come to anyone, sometimes completely out of the blue, one day you are invincible, but the next, you don't know where to start, yoga, tai chi, meditation can really help to slow things down for a little time, so you can focus your mind and rejuvenate. Making time to do something you enjoy, a hobby, meeting a friend for a cuppa, or seeking professional help for a problem, theres so much we can do if we recognise its important. Most of us are so busy running a family and earning a living that we forget to take a breath and actually enjoy our life!

Pollution / Toxins
So you may do all this already, so you are already doing an amazing job of keeping your mind and body healthy, but there's still another aspect to consider. In our industrialised, technological world, there are pollutants, chemicals & toxins all around us and these can have a negative impact on our body too. In the last year I have stopped using products containing parabans which have an oestrogen like affect on the body, ive stopped heating food in plastic containers in the microwave as that can also release oestrogen like chemicals into food. Smoking, car pollution, factory smoke, pesticides, artificial additives to food, we are bombarded by man made chemicals every day and little by little the effects can add up, so I try and reduce the amount of processed food I eat to a minimum , avoid artificial sweeteners wherever possible, choose oil or butter over man made margarine, little changes, but they add up so quick if not aware, just simply choosing organic produce or at least thoroughly cleaning fruit and veg before eating can make a difference. And whle I mention fruit and veg... diets really important here too... if you eat lots of antioxidants, it helps mop up all the nasty free radicals that cause havoc in the body from stress poor diet and pollution!

So my message is...
Don't wait until life forces you to re-evaluate your life, just have a think now, look at how you are doing and see if theres something more you can do to preserve your best health and fitness for the future. Give your health a second chance!
Heres to a healthy future!