Sunday, 24 May 2015

Home made Protein Bars Berryliscious. Nut Free, Low Carb

I like to make my own protein bars and really enjoy experimenting to find new recipes and these are may favourite yet! They are suitable for Vegans as well as Vegetarians, Nut free, raw and very low carb! Most natural bars have nut butters in and I have a hubby with a nut allergy so these are great for anyone wanting to avoid nuts. This is the basic recipe with macro breakdown, but you can easily adapt them to include your favourite ingredients.

75 g unflavoured Soya Protein (could use any type of protein (unflavoured/ vanilla))
70 g, Desiccated Coconut

10 g, Chia Seed Powder
60ml, Soya Unsweetened Milk (could use any non dairy milk)
1 tsp (5 ml), Natural Vanilla Essence
100 g, Blackcurrants (Raw) (or any berry)
80g, Dark Chocolate With Stevia  (dairy free for Vegan)
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Blend the berries, coconut & vanilla essence together and mix in the protein and chia seeds 
Add the milk little by little to make a thick mixture. If its too runny it wont set. If its too wet, add extra protein until the right texture.
Line a tin with baking paper and press the mixture into the tin. Or divide and form into bars on a tray.
Place in fridge until sets. You could freeze to speed this up.
Cut into bars
Melt the chocolate (in a glass bowl over a pan or in a microwave)
Coat the bars in the chocolate and return to the fridge to set. (I coated one side, let them set then coated other side.)
Its best to keep them chilled.
You could use dried fruit for bars that will keep longer, you will need more liquid if use dry fruit.
Serves 8        150 calories per bar
Macro Breakdown
Total Fat
Total Carbohydrate  
Dietary Fiber 2 g
Sugars 1g

These bars are tasty & sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth! I have kept the recipe as clean as possible, but ingredients could be substituted, but it will affect macros. I prefer Stevia chocolate and unflavoured / unsweetened milk and protein to avoid any artificial sweeteners. The chocolate I went for was an 85% bar, dairy free but you could use any chocolate. I love these as its so hard to find recipes for nut free bars with low carbs!  And even store bought natural bars usually have nuts in. As these are so low carb, they are ideal for any phase of your diet. If you try them, please post a comment - really hope you like them too!