Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Athlete Day of vegan eating offseason

Full Day of eating - towards end of reverse diet approx 2300 calories

145g protein!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Prep Series part 7 Full Day of Food

Full day of my food on my vegan  figure competition prep!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Performance Coffee and Energy Bars

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Logic and Brainwashing Vegan Life

This is something ive wanted to write about for a long time- something ive thought about since I went vegetarian 25 years ago... one of the main reasons I thought about giving up eating meat.
Just this one question....
Why is it ok to eat one animal and pet another animal?
Seriously - I don't get how people rationalise this.....
The only answer I can think of is PERCEPTION
Let me explain
I used to have pet Guinea pigs. I remember reading that in other countries-  some people ate guinea pigs and I was appalled- I had pet guinea pigs, they were so cute, fluffy and full of personality... how could someone eat them????
I thought about it a lot and the only thing I could think of is that whatever country and culture we are born into, we adopt whatever is the 'norm' which can vary a lot! I actually think its a form of brainwashing - from birth we are told what is 'acceptable' by our parents, teachers, childrens books and society as a whole- what animals we eat, what animals we keep as pets and what are wild animals- categorised as wild / zoo, working animals (horses, circus etc) pets and 'farm animals'. But this breaks down when the world got smaller and we heard about dogs being eaten in China and were appalled, Horse meat was found in meat products labelled beef- the horror. BUT in other countries / cultures, these are the their norms-they don't see anything wrong in their choice as most people in the uk don't question our norms, they have been told from birth that its ok, like we are told whats ok, so who is right?

It has always seemed bizarre to me that someone can pick what animal to be kind to and what to pay someone to kill and chop up for us to eat- I just cant get my head around it.

It is hypocritical to me for people to be outraged by the widely publicised killing of a Lion killed by hunters, foxes killed on hunts, but turn a blind eye to the killing of animals bred into an existence where they will be killed without living any real life- years before their true life span and mostly never seeing a real habitat- just the inside of a factory, a lorry and a slaughterhouse.

In the UK I think rabbits are one of the few animals that cross the line of pet to meat - and that again depends largely on where someone lives, as to which is deemed acceptable.

So if you can tell me a genuine argument as to why we should be selective- tell me as I cant see it. To Me: Its either ok to eat every animal- or none- there no in between. And if you think there is- I think you just still believe the brainwashing since birth ... just think about it for a moment....

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

2016 Bodybuilding & Athletics Revew!

So 2017 is rapidly approaching and that means 2 things- review last years goals and set some new
I don't really set resolutions but I do set numerous goals, big, medium and small to keep me focussed all year. But its important to reflect on the previous years goals to see if you hit them, if you didn't - analyse what happened and whether you can learn from that to have a better chance of hitting future goals. So its important to write those goals down and keep them safe so you can look back and see how your previous year went and also put them up somewhere that reminds you constantly of what you are working towards to help keep you focussed!

So this time in 2015- I set some big fitness goals for myself, I love challenging goals but they all come down to one thing.
If I feel I committed 100% and didn't hit my goal, as long as I know what I need to do to improve, and I did my best- I will be happy, I wont hang my happiness and self worth on a goal in a subjective sport where many factors out of your control can influence the results. So if you compete on the stage- I also recommend making performance goals so that all your focus isn't on the stage itself.

So last years goals
Retain my World Title (making it 3 in a row)
Win NPA British Title (retain but in new category) (making it 3 in a row)
Win an Olympia Title (natural Olympia of course)
Win the Natural universe
Gain a pro card with another fed
Win a British title at Masters Track Champs
SO how did i get on?
Well i didn't hit them all- but i am really happy with how it went and this years results have opened up new doors and new challenges as i move on to a new chapter in my competing career!

My main two goals were to retain my world and British titles making them both 3 in a row and i set a personal goal to try and win a British, World, Olympia & Universe title with 4 different feds, in one year - a crazy goal which i don't think has every been done before - and i came close, but one got away!

Retain my World Title
I competed in Madrid in October, i moved up to Masters this year so i moved from open to Masters
category and won my category, making me World Champion with this fed for the 3rd year in a row- i did also enter the open class, and took 2nd- there nothing i could really have done to change my look for this- it was just a close result with a great competitor.

Win NPA British Title (retain but in new category)

This is the only time i stepped on stage in the UK this year. NPA are lifetime natural, and i support this fed because its the only fed i know who
do this- and the fact they have no political agenda- its just a friendly fair fed. Again i moved up to masters- so took my 3rd British title, but in a different category this time. It was so much fun competing with NPA again.

Win an Olympia Title (natural Olympia of course

I have my pro card in Figure and Classic Figure and i came away with 2nd in the Pro Classic Figure, just one spot off hitting my Big goal for he year- yes disappointing to come so close, but i knew it was a crazy goal in the first place- and to come so close to getting the 4 different titles - i am still proud of that.

Win the Natural universe
This was a new federation for me- UNBA- and wow, what a federation, i felt at home as soon as i
arrived for registration - i love the people - ive already been back to compete with them again and they will be on my calendar every year now! I entered open figure and won the tall class and then went up for the overall with the short class winner. Whoever took the overall, walked away with their IFPA Pro card so it meant the world to me to win the overall!  

Gain a pro card with another fed
I entered a few new feds this year and am happy to say i won my pro card with 3 new feds to add to my WNBF pro card. I got pro cards with the IPL - a new federation with stringent policies and procedures with doping control and i was so excited to get the opportunity to compete with them while i was in the USA. I also gained my PNBA Figure pro card in my 3rd year competing with them- i won this at the Night of Champions in California. At the universe i won my IFPA pro card and had my debut at the California Pro Show in November, taking 2nd in my first pro show which i was so excited about and i took away some great feedback and advice for next year!

Win a British title at Masters Track Champs 
I had hoped to compete a few times on the track this year - but i actually only made one comp. The British Masters Indoor Champs. I took Gold in the 200m, and silvers in 60m and 400m. The times were much better than i had expected after a 2 year lay off so i came away a very happy girl- i didnt get chance to compete again but i'll amend that in 2017!

Get a new deadlift PB (i love / HATE deadlifts)
So i really struggle with deadlifts- after i broke my back i struggled to get this lift up to anything descent. I had a very long gap from training deadlifts because i prefer a HEX bar and the gym I'm using didn't have one. (i prefer HEX as i can do these pain free (standard bar deadlifts always cause me hip / nerve pain- regardless of treatments and technique work) But my gym just got a HEX bar so 2 weeks ago i put deadlifts back in my plan, I
felt good first session back so i thought id try a 1rm tests and see where i was at and smashed my pb from 104 to 110! So in the last few weeks of the year- i finally managed my final goal of the year- i left it late but it just shows you should never give up on a goal!

So today is full of reflection and setting my goals for 2017 and starting to make a plan for how to hit those goals, its really important to start planning- as that old saying is true...  
                                         FAIL TO PREPARE and PREPARE TO FAIL
so have you set your goals? made a plan and started to prepare? 1st Jan will be here in a flash!