Friday, 10 July 2015

Accidental Vegan Eating!

Ive thought about going Vegan for so long but the thought of changing my diet so much always seemed too much for me, however, it seems my health is my biggest motivator! I recently had food intolerance tests done as ive been suffering for about a year but in the last few months much more severely from IBS, stomach cramp, bloating and constant switching between constipation and diarrhoea, its been a nightmare! I got my results back and casein (the biggest milk protein) and egg white came up as two of my most likely intolerances, so ive eliminated them from my diet for a month and the idea is that you wait until your body is clear and then reintroduce the foods one at a time to see if you do get a reaction from them. Almost a week went by before it actually dawned on me that I had actually been eating Vegan!! Well that was a happy accident! Now im not sure I want to try reintroducing these particular foods, its funny what it takes for you to make such a big step! The only thing I still might have is a whey shake, only until I can find a non dairy protein powder that I can bear the taste of, I can get soya locally but I eat and drink so much soya already id like another variety of protein to make sure im getting all the aminos I need. Ive gone without a protein shake but I do love something sweet and its so convenient if out all day. I need to start investigating my vegan protein powders! Got a recommendation? Please comment below!

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