Saturday, 27 December 2014

Intro: Vegetarian Athlete

In this blog I will be posting recipe's, products reviews, nutrition advice, videos and my general experiences as a veggie athlete. Please comment below if you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover!

So who am I?

I decided to become vegetarian when I was 15. This decision was not taken well by my family, who made me continue to eat fish, until I left home at 18, when I gave up fish too. My parents basically just thought I was 'going through a phase' and that I would end up ill or with an eating disorder. Nothing could have been further from the truth. My original decision was based on animal welfare. I did not like the way animals were treated on farms, transported or how they were killed. I was concerned about how their treatment could in turn affect my health, but primarily it was an animal welfare issue at first. I was always concerned (by people constantly warning me) that being Vegetarian could adversely affect my health and have a negative affect on performance.

Over the years, the more I read about farming methods and how different foods can affect your health and sport performance, the more I started to believe that a vegetarian and furthermore Vegan diet could actually be a huge benefit to heath & performance and have a positive and healing affect.

The key for me, to a healthy diet that supports sports performance is variety, to make sure all the food groups and nutrients are included in my diet.

In this blog I want to share my experiences of being a Veggie Athlete.
Bikini Pro and Figure Classic Pro (WNBF & PNBA)
FormerGB Bobsleigh Athlete
Former World Champion 200m Masters
2 x World Fitbody Champion
2 x NPA British Champion
1 x BNBF British Champion
1 x NAC British Champion
1 x NABBA British Champion 

As a vegetarian I have represented Great Britain in 3 sports, competed in Bobsleigh, a Power Sport, Sprinting on Track and in Bodybuilding. All sports that cause a conversation when I mention im vegetarian! My first entry, is an article I wrote last year, for a supplement website, addressing what is most people main concern as a vegetarian / vegan athlete... and probably the question and objection I come across most often! how can I get enough protein without meat or fish?

A few months ago i took the step to transition to Vegan, its not been easy but im getting there!