Friday, 22 May 2015

Comp Prep diet Vegetarian style: where do i get my protein?

The biggest question I get asked is how do you get enough protein as a vegetarian athlete? Well its not that difficult but it does take a bit of planning, As not all veggie protein is complete, you have to make sure you get lots of veggie protein to ensure you consume the full spectrum of amino acids, however it does mean a veggie diet can be a lot more varied than a meaty one!

So at the moment I'm in my final phase of diet, I'm still eating a lot, around 1750-1800 calories and carbs are fluctuating on a carb cycle so my macros change but I aim to get at least 145-200g protein per day (1-1.36g per pound of bodyweight)
So what does my day look like?

Breakfast: egg frittata (mix of eggs and egg whites, spinach and any other veggies I fancy!) sometimes with baked beans. Sometimes protein pancakes (home made with soya protein, oats, chia seeds) with almond butter and honey or agave syrup. (both cooked in coconut oil)
Post Training: Natural Recovery shake including Hemp Protein, greens, berries, kale, spinach etc.
Lunch: Tofu / Quorn & mixed salad sometimes with Spanish tortilla (potato and egg). (Salad dressing olive oil and balsamic) Home made high protein soups (split pea / lentil)
Mid afternoon: Protein shake click here to find out more about my comp prep protein  recommendation. Home made protein bars, or natural protein bars / flapjack. Latest sweet treat protein recipe is protein cake its nut free and also suitable for Vegans!
Tea: Evening meal with either Quorn, Soya, Tofu, or chickpeas / lentils with veg and Quinoa / Buckwheat
Evening snack: home made protein cake / bar, protein mousse, or a tofu frappe / shake or protein hot chocolate (I use silken tofu to make the shake and non dairy milk so i'm not relying on protein powders too much) For recipes for home made protein snacks click here

Like I said before, my macros change every day so this is just some meal examples not an actual day and I include as much variety as I can but if I aim for 20-30g protein per meal I can easily hit my target.

For help on how to plan your protein intake and food list with protein per portion, please click here

I really love my veggie comp diet, its very different from a typical bodybuilding diet which can be repetitive and fairly restricted. A Veggie bodybuilding diet is so varied and healthy- None-veggie athletes could benefit from including some veggie meals into their prep to have a break from chicken and rice lol :D So if you are thinking about going veggie or vegan, or recently changed your diet, don't be worried about your protein, just plan well and you will be fine!

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