Monday, 24 October 2016

New Supplement Sponsor! Vegan Supplements

Last year I transitioned to vegan after 25 years as a vegetarian and I was fortunate to have a supplement sponsor who already had a choice of vegan supplements, vegan proteins and foods that they could supply me with - however they were moving in a direction as a company that didn't really work for either of us so a few months ago we parted ways. I'm not one for jumping company to company- and I have to be sure any supplements I use will not result in problem with drug tests etc so I didn't want to rush finding a new sponsor, but I also wanted to have an opportunity to work with a company who share the same ideal and ethics as myself - so basically I wanted to look for a vegan only supplement company- of which there are several around now!

Anyway- I got a message last week from a company I have used when I first went Vegan- Veggie Style- an all vegan company run by Carlos Barbon- Vegan Strongman competitor. Carlos asked if I would be interested in a sponsorship with them - and without any hesitation I was happy to accept  his offer- as ive used the products before, he is passionate about the vegan way of life and we met last year at the Alicante Vegfest and I just felt this was a great match!

I strongly believe people should be careful not to sell out to the first company that offers them a tub of protein or a discount- if you are representing a brand- that brand also reflects on you so you should always be sure you 100% believe in their products before putting your name to them! I feel totally confident this is a great company for me- all natural supplements- with no added chemical/ artificial nasties- just perfect for me! The company are based in Spain, like I am but they ship across many parts of Europe - so I'm really excited to be announced as one of their Team! Im excited for the future and want to give a huge thank you to Veggie Style for believing in me and supporting me on my journey! 10% off with promo code Jules
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