Thursday, 20 August 2015

Product Review: Vegan Recovery

I like may people lead a pretty stressful lifestyle, its hectic lots of traveling, no set routine and stress can wreak havoc on our body and well being, so ive been looking for ways to manage this. It might be possible to reduce sources of stress, but often they cant be avoided and exercise is a physical stress, all be it a positive one. Meditation, yoga, Thai Chi are all recommended for combatting stress as is simply taking some time out of your day to relax, take a bath or read a good book.- but theres not always time for this so what else can we do? I recently came across this supplement designed to help lower stress and aid recovery from exercise: Recup-Relax Herbal Anti-Stress- Formula 
So what do Veggie Style say about Stress?

'Stress is like poison for our body – whenever stress hormones are released they lower our energy, make us feel bad, and they are a cause of losing muscle tissue and gaining weight in body-fat. High hormone-levels can also reduce the levels of testosterone in our body.

Therefore it is very important for our wellbeing and for our goals in the sport to avoid stress as much as possible, but unfortunately it is not always possible. For situations of stress we developed this special anti-stress hormone formula in where we selected herbs which are count as adaptogens. Adaptogens are substances which lower stress symptoms as they lover the stress-hormone levels. Less stress hormones are a great improvement of our wellbeing and helps us to reach our goals regarding muscle-gain, strength and weigh loss. And it helps also against chronic fatigue and is great for anti-aging.
Intense weigh training and intense sport events in general are a big stress for our body and for this reason it is a big help to take a few capsules of Recup&Relax even 20 minutes before you finish your training, like you lower the tress hormone levels and you can take the maximum benefits and gains from your training.'
So what is it?
Veggie Style Herbal anti-stress Formula contains following herbs:

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
This plant is since many years used in the Chinese medicine as it contains high levels on adaptogenic saponins and many antioxidants making it an effective natural helper to beat the stress symptoms lover stress hormones and strengthen our immune system.

Ashwagandha also known as Indian ginseng comes from the original in India cultivated plant called Withania somnifera. This plant is considered since always in the Indian medicine Ayurveda as adaptogene. Aswagandha helps us to have more energy, makes our body more resistant against colds and infections, and increase sexual capacity and fertility. 

 Goji Berry
Besides many other health benefits, Goji Berries also contain substances which improves the body’s ability to deal with stress, trauma, fatigue and anxiety.

Our decision to include into our Anti-Stress Formula Astralagus is because it strengthens the immune system and it helps in healing of wounds and injuries one main cause of high stress hormone levels in the body – the faster the injuries are healed the less stress our body buffers.

 Acerola Cherry
Vitamin C helps to lover stress-hormone levels – therefore it is an important help whenever we want to lover release of stress hormones, and Acerola Cherries contain 20 times more vitamin C then Oranges 
My experience So far.
I've been using this formula for a few weeks now. When I moved to Spain my life had been pretty stressful for some time and the upheaval of moving added to that... throw in lack of sleep due to the hot climate i'm not used to and I became very tired and was struggling to keep on top of training, work and other commitments. I usually train late evening and find it hard to wind down after but i've definitely noticed i'm sleeping better since using recoup. I usually take it between finishing my session and going to bed and i've had a lot les restless sleepless nights since. This in turn helps me recover better and have more energy fro my next session so I'm really happy so far! I like my supplements to be as natural as possible, especially when im getting close to competition, these are vegan and have no artificial anything added.
If you would like to order some, check them out here and use my discount code JULES for 10% off at checkout!