Wednesday, 13 May 2015

GoNutrition Natural Whey Protein: Product Review

Im a big believer in clean eating for health as well as performance. You are what you eat, I believe is certainly true. I also believe supplementation is important for athletes - food jus isn't produced the way it used to be, food doesn't contain the density of nutrition it used to and when you are pushing your body to the limit as an athlete, supplements are a great way to make sure you aren't missing out on anything you need for performance, health, repair and growth. But when you put clean eating and supplements together, they don't always sit well, often full of chemicals, additives, artificial ingredients. So im always looking for more natural ways to supplement.
Last year I came across GoNutrition's Natural Whey and I've been recommending it to my clients ever since. Why?
Well sweeteners can be really detrimental to your quest to be healthy and lose weight. From what I understand, the brain cant really tell the difference and reacts like its had sugar and the body sees it as a poison as its artificial and doesn't really know how to process it. Once you start checking labels you find artificial sweeteners in so many things, they really can add up! So I avoid sweeteners wherever possible, so finding a protein with only the natural plant sweetener, Stevia in it was fabulous! I had been relying on unflavoured until then, but well, that can get a bit dull! What is Stevia? Stevia is a South American plant that can be used as an all natural, zero calorie sweetener. It's ideal for those who want to avoid artificial sweeteners.
Natural whey is currently available in Dark Chocolate flavour. Its flavoured only with natural flavours, Cocoa
Low Carb
Natural Whey has 18g of protein per serving and is very low in carbs, so it makes the perfect protein supplement for those on low carb diets.
Comp Prep
The reason I love this protein is because I can keep my flavoured protein in my diet right up to my comp as it has no sweeteners. Its low carb so if I carb deplete its just really convenient! I just love that this protein fits so much better than other proteins with my clean eating philosophy.
Anecdotal Findings
I have used this protein myself and with clients prepping for shows and one thing ive noticed I the quality of skin (reduction in cellulite) and reduction in watery fat below the glutes that is often hard to shift! I personally believe this is due to cutting all sweeteners out of the diet, so switching to an artificial sweetener free protein can help you do this.

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